Best way to make training zones?

Hey guys I was wondering what the best, most consistent, and most secured way to make a training zone such as in games like Super Power Training Simulator. I am currently using a touched event but I’m not sure if this is the best way to do it. Let me know your thoughts and reasoning below!

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Try using Region3. Learn about them here and here

All the Region3 based functions are deprecated :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh, what did they replace it with?

Maybe try WorldRoot:GetPartBoundsInBox?

The spatial query functions like workspace:GetPartsBoundInBox() and workspace:GetPartsInPart().

Should I be using these over just .Touched event’s or are those functions basically the same.

I’d say that you could try this handy tool:

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I tried using that already, it had some issues that made me have to switch from using it. When I would use the Psychic tool, it makes the player be put into a meditating above the ground animation and when this would play, ZonePlus said the player has left the zone.

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