Best way to smoothen animations?

So I have an animation called the “Money Bop” I just created but its kind of choppy and wanted to know how to make it smooth like most peoples, I realize its by adding many different movements but I dont know how I would go about this, I would also pay someone to help me do it?


This could be due to a couple of different factors; elaborating on it more, such as sending a GIF, or the script, could help.

  • Internet/Wi-fi & Bandwidth connection. Is it possible that you’re having connection issues on your end?
  • Easing Style in the animation: When making the animation, you may have used Constant or Elastic or Bounce EasingStyles in the animation. Constant could give the animation the choppy feeling, while bounce/ealastic can if your frames are really close to each other.

When I ment smoothen, I mean like cleaner animation.

Could you send a GIF or video of it, so we could get a better idea about it?


Using IK (Inverse Kinematics) would be great when making the animation (assuming you didn’t use it). That way, you can have an easier time making the character…more flexible while doing it.

To me, it seems like the character’s left arm moves more farther up than the right, and the leg animation just doesn’t seem natural. If you aren’t using IK for an animation like this yet, I’d do that.

It looks a bit static, like someone is just hitting the reverse/replay button over and over. You can try adjusting the keyframes to easy in/out the animation, as the instant bounce back and forth just feels unnatural. You can also make a few slight variations of the loop to make it feel a bit more natural and dynamic.

Easing styles is your go to way to make something more smooth. When you have the animation open inside animation editor, click on a keyframe, right click on it then find easing styles or something along those lines (Correct me if I’m wrong). Then you can change it to however you want.

Moon Suite Animation provides more easing styles so its recommend if you want to have more ways of smoothing your animations.

You can also learn some animation basics along with it to make it look better as well:

(Old but pretty good examples)

EDIT: And If I’m not mistaken, they’re adding new easing styles I’m pretty sure though thats just a guess :thinking:


Try using blender, it’s really great for smooth animations and is what popular FPS games like Games Unite and Arsenal uses, it’s easy to learn too. Sorry for the late reply I just found out about this topic, hopefully you found an answer already!