BetterJeep v1.2 - A revolutionary Jeep, Now with car customization

Deprecated makes me freak out lol.

Yeah, A-Chassis made Bloxy Kart suck for Rewrite.

And as for this. I’m working on a module that is meant to visualize ray casts. Since it’s been a few months since you said this, I’m assuming you’ve figured out how to use the new ray cast system now.

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Yeah I figured it out. Thanks for the offer.

I got this errors?

attempt to index nil with ‘Pause’

ContextActionService: Unexpected error while invoking callback: Players.skybird_99.PlayerGui.LocalCarScript:72: attempt to index nil with ‘Pause’

ContextActionService: Unexpected error while invoking callback: Players.skybird_99.PlayerGui.LocalCarScript:72: attempt to index nil with ‘Pause’

And more errors in mobile version

–I recommend some polishing

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Thanks for the report! I am well aware of this issue. This is caused if you press W, A, S, D, Up, Down, Left, Right before you are sitting in the kart, but I know how to fix it, and I will.

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im getting a weird bug where if you push the jeep it will spin out

(all of the mass is that red part)

no code has been changed from the original except one thing and thats the body position’s position setting on the update
bodyPosition.Position = (, pos + normal) *, 0, (-settings.height / 2) + 0.5)).Position this was changed because it would be too high if i didnt divide height by 2

the bodygyro also has been removed because it was causing some bugs (when getting out the jeep would start to float on a ramp and even out) even with the bodygyro the bug still happens

edit: i have changed to a different system so i no longer need help

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Cool! I’ve always thought that jeep has driven poorly. I saw that you might want some UI, so I made a button for you:

Up Button Roblox Style Up Button Opaque

The first one has the same style as the Roblox mobile buttons. The next one you can set the transparency to whatever you want, probably around 0.6. I thought you could turn it for the other directions.


Introducing v1.2

In v1.2, we added multiple enhancements that I know a lot of you will love:

  • Easy Body Customization
  • Easy Tire Customization
  • Multiple script changes and enhancements

Download here!

As a free model: BetterJeep - Roblox
As a model file: BetterJeep.rbxm (63.5 KB)


Thank you for the model! i wanted a mobile support for much time and i found this piece of gold :wink:

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@axelito123456 , one of your suggestions is coming true!

Introducing Drifting Beta

We have started beta testing for drifting.

Starting with v1.3, drifting will be possible.

Things to get done:

  • Mobile drifting
  • Effects
  • Fix any bugs that occur
  • Balancing

Get Beta 1 here!
BetterJeepBeta.rbxm (62.9 KB)


I’m getting an error, "Players.UnderControlRoblox.PlayerGui.LocalCarScript:50: attempt to index nil with ‘Pause’ "… I have edited the model.

Thanks for the bug report! I will see if I can fix it soon.

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What did you do to fix this? I am getting the same error as well.

Also, when I load into the game, the wheels of the car are floating until I get into it then they go back to normal. Does anyone know how to fix that?

this is really good, but I did notice a few bugs:

1: I noticed some of the wheels tend to move up into the jeep and hover there. This is more of a visual bug, and the tires go back to normal if you start driving until you exit again then they move back up.

2: if you push the car a bit, it starts spinning. I think somebody else mentioned this as well

3: if you turn and stop moving, you start drifting even though I am using 1.2, and normally this would be cool but the drifting is as if it is on something more slippery then ice and moves like 20-30 studs

other then these bugs, really great jeep

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This model is good. Keep it up!

Keeping getting this bug where my car is uncontrollable and slides on it’s own. Keyboard inputs don’t change anything when attempting to steer.