Big trouble with terrain | Spawn locations
As you can see in the gif, my characters spawn up, not in the correct position, even when set SPAWNLOCATION, I think it’s because the map, I built it Lower, like, the Y position of the map is: -513.615

I tried to change FallenPartsDestroyHeight, but still, didn’t work.

Is there a way to move a map UP? Even terrain, like everything?

I also tried Setting Rootpart position, still, character spawns up. :confused:


It looks it has nothing to do with scripting. It is your map or you put wrong spawn position. I’m sorry this may be in the wrong category.

It’s not spawn position, it’s justthe character moving up when they spawn

Does it have to do with scripting?

Check my comments on this topic it will likely solve your issue.

Nope, still doesn’t works, moving the spawns up, also, how do you make that part cancollide, I don’t understand

Like, my trouble is tht player spawns UP spawn location