Big Upcoming Simulator[NEED ANIMATOR]

So you’re 100% sure people will play it?


The fact that u use robux to advertise it doesn’t guarantee that people will play it.

Do you have unique plans for retention or strategies?


Id like to think so as it will be a unique game and hopefully be really fun to play.

Once the game is out we will try to keep updates coming out fast so players won’t get bored of the game really fast

You backup payment could be if all fails, you take the assets created, sell them, and distribute the profits

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Yes that’s a great idea, thanks

Some people do not want thier assets to be sold. so that won’t work out.

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You realize that this is assuming your developers would want to roll out updates very quickly? You realize all developers have real lives. They cannot just roll out major updates here and there. What if your game fails and nobody wants to buy your assets? Those hard working developers will have 0 compensation for the hours they spent making those fast updates. What if those updates are buggy or make the game unstable? What happens to the players who lose interest in your game if those updates are buggy and unstable? What happens if your game fails completely? What happens if your game gets deleted along with your account? What happens to those developers in all these scenarios?

You’ve basically taken a thought bubble and automatically assumed it’s gonna actually turn out the way you imagined. You haven’t even listed the amount of USD/Robux you’re going to be investing into this game. You’re basically betting hours of hard work created by those amazing developers on an idea that you created with no real plan. You’re assuming that those players will like the game, but where is your proof? The game isn’t even created yet and have you even though of having testers?

This is basically all or nothing. There is 2 options, the game succeeds and the developers get compensated or the game fails and the developers don’t get compensated thus resulting in those hours of work being thrown out and wasted because that idea didn’t work.

You need to come up with a real business strategy in order to TRULY make sure those developers get compensation.


I would love to apply as a builder, and I can do a little animation, scripting, and GUI (not very good at GUI design) But I agree with @Sudden_Demise if I were to work on this game, and get paid only 1,000 robux, would it be worth it for me? I suggest making a backup payment of at least 20k for each worker (depending on how well they do) So, maybe have 100k robux for backup payment total. Anyway, if you want to hire me here is my portfolio -

You’re right in that sense, definitely ask the developers before hiring if they will agree

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This is a huge truth, however I don’t agree that the work will always be worthless. If you make props, you can take them and use them elsewhere, if you make scripts, you can use them for other games.

Anyways, I am interested in the scripting position, additionally I can make and set up GUIs. So I can take both those positions if you would like!

True the backup payment would be a lot better but unfortunately I’m not that rich on robux at the moment so I do not have that much robux to spare :confused:

If your still looking for a builder, I can try for you. Also, your discord friend requests are off so DM me on here and add me.

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can you explain more on the scripting job, like, are there going to be NPC’s? You have to have a plan before you hire anyone

Changed my discord settings and now you can friends me sorry about before :confused: discord is still babyshadow_#0834

It’s hard to ensure that people will play the game. So doing percentages is not the right way to go. If the game fails, you had developers working like crazy on the game and they are expecting pay but you have nothing to pay them then that will go bad. I like the concept but theirs no insurance that the game will take off.

Animator have re-opened due to leaving and Not actually talking at all lol. Anyway those positions are back open now

Not interested in a percentage but here’s my pricing and portfolio: EGOTISMS: The leading UI/UX Designer [AVAILABLE FOR BRAND DEALS & MORE]

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