BigBoostLP | 3d Artist

Hey, I’m LP, I go by BIGBOOSTLP on the platform. I’m a 20 years old 3d artist from Quebec City and I’ve been on Roblox for a couple years.

I’ve been studying 3d art the past four years. I have experience creating high quality assets using industry-level techniques.

The past few years, I’ve been creating games on the platform with some friends. I usually take the role of art director and game designer.

  • High School is an horror story game created under game-jam like conditions. I was the one building most of the assets using Roblox building tools.
  • Fishing Empire is a fishing game with simulator/clicker-like mechanics. We had the objective to create a game that didn’t feel like a Roblox game but more like something you could find on any mobile marketplace.
  • Many unreleased stuff soon!

Note that some of those projects are more or less related to Roblox.

Game Assets

The Monastery [UE4] [video]


Blacksmith House

High poly

Sword WIP

Gun Sculpt

I would personally prefer being contacted through the developer forums, however I have other options.
Discord: LPPicard#2927

Thank you!


this is amazing, I like your designs,

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Wow! Gorgeous pieces of art and your animating skills are very good!

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Animation was done by my buddy Plutonem :wink:

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Still awesome renders! Nice stuff!

Hey man im very interested in hiring you to make me some fantastic high quality models! Your work is amazing! Please message me on discord: DevKnightly#0001

Hi, I really like your architecture and weapon work. If you have availability, message me on Discord. I’m developing a realistic WWII first-person shooter. See the job listing here: [HIRING] Map Builder for Realistic WWII FPS (USD/Robux/%)