Billboard Gui disappear when too far

We already tried that before, didn’t work

Are the parts anchored by any chance? If they’re not there anymore when running the game they could’ve just fell through the map and been destroyed.

Yes, they are all anchored. @njesk12

It’s probably the LOD (Level of detail)

LOD has five stages, depending on the stage it is in, it will effect the amount of vertices on your object/model. Certain game engines apply certain values to these stages. (These stages are effected by the position the camera is in the game.)
For example:
Stage one: Render everything within 50 studs
Stage two: Everything past 50 studs will have 25% Less vertices and Gui’s will no longer display
(These are only two stages but you get the point)

When you make Terrain, the farther away you are from it, the less vertices it will have. This is to prevent/reduce lag in your game. I’m assuming this is the same problem in this situation. Roblox is most likely trying to prevent lag and so it is removing the Gui once you’re a certain distance away. Try going in to an actual server and seeing if you’re getting the exact same results there. I doubt this will change anything but it is worth a shot.

Also, check if you have any malicious scripts in your game. If you’ve used any free models they could be causing some issues in your game. You may also want to check your plugins to see if they’re all safe.

Let me know if you’re confused by any of that.

Stay safe!

Set the MaxDistance property to inf, the billboard gui will be shown no matter how far you’e away from it:


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They have already tried this many times, it’s not working.

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Still doesn’t work, the instance destrou itself btw.

And by the way, only the closest billboard appear.

Check your plugins and scripts. I think you have something malicious. That’s the only conclusion I can come to.

By experience, I only use plugins that I need and trust (by trust I mean that I 100% it is not infect because I use it for years).

It could have something to do with the frame. I’m not sure what effect you’re going for on your billboard but if it’s just text I don’t think the frame is necessary.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

If the frame is necessary, make sure the Frame is also anchored. Not just the text. Once you run the game, press the “Select” tool in the top left. Select the Text so that it will be highlighted by the outline of the selection.(This will cause a blue outline to appear around the text) Then you can back away and see where the selection goes. If the blue outline on the selected text falls down, it has something to do with the anchoring.

He said before three times they were anchored. I believe there has to be some script deleting the parts without his knowledge.

Or he isn’t checking instance properties correctly.

I am aware he said it was anchored I was just clearifying that he had anchored the text, the frame, the surfaceGui, and the Block that it is attatched to.

Does it only disappear when you back away? Or is the text being destroyed on a wait timer?

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A bit too late on this one but I might have a theory and may be helpful for future Devs.

So the reason the the Billboard was getting “deleted” is because the parent part was being outside the render distance which in Roblox Studio removes the part even from the explorer.
So my solution here is to add a custom Render distance to the block.

I had the same situation so I added a script to the parent block and it seemed to work.

local part = script.Parent
part:SetRenderDistance(1000) -- Adjust the value as needed

Hope this helps.

ik its too late but you can Disable StreamingEnabled in Workspace, i hade the same problem