Billboard GUI size, position etc changing


I’ve looked everywhere, every tutorial out there, I just can’t wrap my head around how to make my gui of a certain scale without zoom changing it, this offset stuff is just so confusing.

I’ve attached the UI in a rbxm and some examples of what I wish it to look like, could someone tell me how to make it work.

How it should look:

What it ends up looking like:

overhead.rbxm (18.8 KB)


Hey! I think there are things called “UIAspectRatioConstraint” and “SizeConstraint”. I’m not too sure, but for further details, refer to this post: UI Design Starter Guide


That’s for GUI design, not BillboardGUIs. I don’t believe they are compatible with BillboardGUIs and the issue I’m experiencing.

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You need to make sure your UI’s are set in Scale.

When dealing with UI, your position and size will be in the same format:
{0, 0}{0, 0}

You must have the info in the first digit of both groups. Something like:
{1, 0}{1, 0}

Would fill your entire frame. Scale details are relative to device and the parent of the Frame/TextLabel/Any UI element.

Here is more info if I explained it poorly:

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Thank you so much. I probably just didn’t understand what the others meant, you made it make sense. :smile:

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Oh, alright. Sorry about that!