BillboardGUIs with LightingInfluence=0 are still influenced by lighting

BillboardGUIs with LightingInfluence=0 are still influenced by lighting. This is especially noticable with high exposure compensation. Some notes

  • Only occurs when AlwaysOnTop is false
  • Toggling between AlwaysOnTop true/false changes effects
  • This breaks bubble chat
  • Bloom especially seems to still affect it, among other things

Reproduction steps

  1. Insert billboard GUI
  2. Set AlwaysOnTop = false
  3. Set LIghtingInfluence to 0
  4. Set ExposureCompensation to 2 (easier to see changes)
  5. Toggle AlwaysOnTop on and off
  6. Expected result:: No lighting change
  7. Actual result: Lighting change

Additioanlly you can do this

  1. Up/down ExposureCompensation
  2. Expected result: No change
  3. Actual result: Visual change

This is especially annoying because it breaks chat bubbles, a default Roblox feature, among other things.

This bug has been around for a while. Like at least 2 years.


is the lighting too high? Or is it just something contained in your workspace?

Maybe I’m misunderstanding you, but I don’t think this matters. LightInfluence=0 means that the billboard GUI should not be influenced by light. Lighting setting shouldn’t/don’t matter.

The fact that it is is breaking bubble chat—and everyone else’s billboard guis, is the issue.

@Quenty i’ve never seen ANYTHING like this. Especially the fact that it is breaking things is certainly a huge problem. Have you tried searching the properties of the things that are breaking?

Ahhh. If you read the post above, you see I mention several ways to achieve this bug.

  1. Mess with exposure compensation (set it to 2)
  2. Increase bloom and render a white billboard GUI like chat bubbles

All of the information needed to reproduce the bug should be in the post. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Does this happen only in Studio?

Oh whoops. I thought I filed this in engine bugs.

Guess my default tends towards studio. I’ll try to move this post.

Can somebody please fix this? The fact its been an issue since 2016.
Come on. Please at least give us a date in a roadmap to fix the behaviour of Billboard GUIs with PostProcessing Effects (bloom)

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This is a consequence of our tonemapper altering the color of everything that gets drawn into the 3D world. ExposureCompensation is expected to affect the perceived brightness of everything in 3D. There’s another thread with more details and solutions.

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So this is altering definition of lighting? My game us having a problem with this too. Thus this happening, I am not currently on the state of this happening but I am just not able to tolerate this happening for certain lighting to have this junctioned between 2 light sources. Are you guys still fixing this?