Black fringing on transparent pixels

I’m experiencing black fringing on transparent pixels. I’ve tried creating images in multiple image editors and they all end up rendering with black fringes where transparent pixels are in client/studio. As far as I can remember this has always been an issue for me. It happens on Decals, Textures, and image GUI objects.

Is this a Roblox specific problem, an image editor problem, or? I’ve never experienced this with any other game engine. I am not sure how to get these to work without black fringing.

Test image:

In Roblox (white background for visibility with other examples):

Example place: ImageExamplePlace - Roblox

This is already a known bug, I believe it is somehow caused by Roblox’s 2D engine.

You’ll notice that if you’re images are their original resolution, the outlines will not be there.

Solution: Keep your images at their original resolution. Tutorial: How to fix the dark outline artifacting around your image guis

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This happens because transparent pixels actually have color. In your case, your transparent pixels are black. If they were some other color then you’d see red, white, etc. instead of black. Whenever your image is scaled in Roblox, the colors are combined to find the color for the pixel on the bigger/smaller image.

Here is a feature request to get this fixed that I made. The thread also contains examples of what it looks like when your transparent pixels are a color other than black.

The correct way to fix this is to make the transparent pixels a more fitting color. I assume that’s what the tutorial provided to you above does.