Black outline appears when scaling images

Bumping this up again, because with the images uploaded having Bilinear Interpolation, the only alternative is to scale the image down to the exact offset, however, doing so would cut the image’s quality. It has been years since this issue has been brought up and many of us are all looking forward to a fix.


It’s funny how long this thread has existed and the initial problem STILL hasn’t been fixed. I’ve been dealing with this issue over and over. I use photoshop and the plugins recommended in the tutorial by Quenty are outdated now.

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Bumping this up ONCE AGAIN. I still have the same issue even when using Pixelfix… this is starting to be a joke, when will this be fixed? Roblox is concentrating on graphics and real looks but wont fix this issue.

Hi everyone,

Apologies for any confusion this may have had in the past, and for the delayed response. We have discussed this internally. We do not support premultiplied alpha, and at this time don’t have any plans to enhance the image processing system to support. Any potential solution is complex and may create multiple other issues as a byproduct.

We recommend using the offline solutions that others have suggested in the post.

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