Blade Ball Ball Physics

It is possible that they used lerping for the system.

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I have, and when I did I encountered a lot of glitches so i redid half of the scripts

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The ball might have a velocity equal to the players mouse lookvector when they parried it. Then, when the ball homes in on a new target, the ball’s velocity starts lerping towards the target. Thats just my thought.

That seems a bit too much work for something seemingly pretty simple. Can’t you use align position and increase acceleration and max force exponentially?

Yes, you could use an alignposition. I assume you’d also use an anti-gravity force. And you should probably apply an initial velocity in the direction the sending player is looking so that the path isn’t always a straight path towards the target.

What I like about the parametric curve approach is that the path is clearly defined.

What’s your reasoning for that? Tweens are great for so many things.

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they must be using bodyposition cuz bodyposition can do that curve well slight curve which same thing i made with my spiderman shoot thingy