Blender Anim vs Moonanimator vs Default Roblox Animator

It’s been around four years since I last animated, and I never exceeded amateur abilities. I am making a return, but am unsure what I should use to animate. All three have their pros and cons, but there seems to be a lot of nuance and semblance with them too, well beyond what could be reasonably figured out in time. On top of that, whatever is chosen still will take the time to be mastered. So with that made clear, what do you recommend? My case is combat interaction, using the R6 rig. Close quarters combat, punches and kicks.


I think you should make some crawling animations. Like if your making a spy game, you should create a crawling animations like when the player is trying to rob a place and crawl through vents you can make the crawling animations. I think blender would work best with this.

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Honestly, as an animator I use the Roblox Animator because its quite easy to use and im comfortable with it but the thing about that is you just cant animate 2 rigs at the same time nor weld objects to your character when the animator is up (I’ve made a post about this but its in post apporval :frowning: ), and thats where Moon Animator comes in, It can allow you to animate objects, more than 1 rig at a time and other things, but I find that hard to use and comprehend. Blender Animator, I’ve presonally never tried it before as yet but I would recommend it for animations for weapons and the character when they are handling the weapons.

Moon Animator for Fighting Scenes and Character Accessories and Melee Weapon Animations
Roblox Animator for single person animations and maybe Melee Weapon Animations
Blender Animator for Weapon animations and Character Handler Animations


You missed my point. I am not considering what to make, I am asking which tool to use. That aside I assume you would recommend Blender. Do you have reasons?

Yes the blender animating rigs would fit in at least the most of the time, the normal ROBLOX animation editor is kind of confusing to work with the most. There are also ROBLOX plugins for animating.

Moon animation editor is without a doubt THE best animation making tool for roblox.
It basically has no flaws.
It also has built in system that lets you weld whatever you want to your character , you can also control speed&speed curves of your animation which I don’t think you can do with default Roblox animator.
That is just talking about character animations , with moon animation maker you can also control camera , and different properties of the thing you are animating.


Blender animations are the best overall to be honest, they have an expansive set of features for animation and you can fine-tune how each keyframe interpolates at will.

Not only that, but blender also allows you to make Inverse Kinematics which not only makes animation much more streamlined but it also makes animation look smoother and produce better results.

Some of the top roblox animators use Blender and wherever you see games that have exceedingly smooth and fluid animations, its a very high chance that they’re using Blender.


Mostly I’d say it’s up to preference. I love how useful the IK is in the default animator, though it isn’t too difficult to configure it in blender. Do be warned, however, if you use cubic ease in or ease out and export with the default animator that the easing directions will swap. If you only use the other easing methods it should be fine, but just be aware that it might not be your fault if your animations look off ingame.

Do you know if anyone has filed a bug report for this? It sounds very willing to make a repro, and sounds like it occurs always; an ideal bug to fix. Personally I’ve never seen or heard of this, however.

Yeah it’s been filed. I’m on mobile right now but I’ll come back and edit this with a link.