Blender rig exporter/animation importer


I’m having some problems understanding keyframe names in the plugin. I want to label some keyframes in my animation because that is how I get sound to play in the game I’m working on. Is keyframe name based off of blender frames or what? Super confused!


For each keyframe name you add there it will fire KeyframeReached with the specified name at Time (in seconds) in the animation.
The keyframe name is thus exactly what Roblox its KeyframeReached will fire with and can be anything. It is completely independent of Blender keyframes.


So should the keyframe timing be the same as ROBLOX keyframe timing? I’m not a scripter, only an animator and visuals designer so scripting terms are very broad for me.


If I understand you correctly(?), then yes.
In the Roblox animation editor you can click a keyframe then “rename” to label it. In this editor you have to specify the time (in seconds) you want to attach a label onto. Keyframe name is then basically the label you want to give it.


Whenever I export an animation from blender, the transformations are incorrect and produce weird results. For example I made an animation in blender to be exported to roblox

but in roblox the arms and legs are messed up whenever the animation plays

which is clearly nonexistant in blender. It’s happened with every rig i’ve used so far including the default roblox rigs


There’s currently a bug where if the rotation matrix of Part0 does not equal that of C0, the rotation transforms mess up. It’s still a bug I want to fix “at some point”. Most rigs don’t really have this issue though (R6 does, but R15 isn’t).
I think that’s also the issue you’re experiencing.


When I export the rig it adds a load of parts to the rig which then import into blender and I get an error:

I made sure that the .obj import addon was enabled.


Are your Motors all parented to their Part1?


Can you send both the place file you used + the obj you exported from it?
What @ScriptOn said is also true, the plugin only seeks for motors in either their Part1 or Part0 (but probably does not cause that issue).


Btw I’d like to thank you for the importer. I was able to use the base importer to help me convert roblox animations (and thus, mocap/blender animations) into my animation editor:


Thanks! It’s really cool to see it being used in practice :thumbsup: .


When I export an animation, load it into the plugin, and export, poses are being created in every keyframe for bones that were not modified throughout the entire animation, thus freezing them.

I don’t remember this happening just yesterday, did I do something to cause that or is this intentional and I just missed it?


That’s normal, I haven’t added a way to disable certain bones yet (like those checkboxes next to the bones in the Roblox animation editor).

You can open the animation (or generated KeyframeSequence) in the Roblox animation editor and disable bones you don’t want, though. Or if it’s useful to add it to the plugin itself I can probably do that too short-term.


Any reason why I can’t use the plug in? It keeps freezing my studio.


Did this ever happen? I would really like to know!


Same here.


Works very nicely! :grin:


FYI: From the Mixamo site…

On August 22, 2017, the following assets and services will be removed from the Mixamo site.

  1. The ability to save and retrieve assets in “My Assets”.
  2. The Face Plus facial animation plugin
  3. The Decimator polygon reduction tool
  4. The ability to download Control-rig scripts
  5. Download types for .bvh and .biped that streamline integration with 3rd party applications
  6. Mixamo forums will close and all help articles will be moved to Adobe’s HelpX


Are you guys using pre-made animations in mocap or making your own mocap animations?

If you’re using mocap, what product? If not, where’d you find the animations?


Hit “Animations” at the top