Block Based Coding plugin

This plugin allows for players to code using blocks, similar to the popular child’s game scratch. The user clicks the block they want, then move it to where they wish. They click ‘d’ to cancel, or ‘s’ to lock the position. To move it after its been placed, they simply have to click it again. The user can create their own custom blocks which can be dragged into the main program. I’m most likely going to be releasing this to the public in a day or two.This helps new programmers understand the basics of how code works, and they can see the end product which helps them learn. I’m open to any suggestions, dm me if you have any.

  • Yes im aware the UI sucks

i feel like this will make coding much too easy for noobs, which means more horrible games, but great plugin!


This is pretty amazing and could make scripting for children making small, simple games easier but I don’t think this will ever be able to beat “proper” scripting. I just hope Roblox doesn’t take the turn towards Scratch that’s the main reason I switched.

Still that’s some clean GUI and looking like a pretty powerful tool.


I think this might belong in #resources:community-resources, but for feedback, I have none! I think its a great plug in!


No it doesn’t @EmbeddedHorror has made a cool creation which can be showed to people and see what they think. Please don’t make assumptions before reading the About the Cool Creation category


If you read here, it tells you that your suppose to post plug-ins and community resources that are free in the #resources:community-resources category.

It isn’t released yet. 30chars


Oh! I did not see that part, then your correct, it does go here.

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The plugin has to be opensource and available for it to be in resources.

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I love it! This will definitely make scripting more approachable for kids.
Some suggestions:
A) The UI does look messy to me
B) Have you thought about converting regular lua to block code?

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Im finishing the lua to block part up. I don’t make ui, which is why its messy.

Congratultions, great work and im sure it’ll be useful for many starters out there although you may want to consider working on the UI as presentation is everything (or at least…something).

Wow, this is a really good plugin and will help much more newer developers. Only one thing that can be improved on is the UI.

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Ohhh really some people have really great ideas but they just can’t make those games but they can’t learn how to script


This is really good, super awesome!

Would probably be more useful docked than on core GUI, especially if you could select objects with it and plug modifications to parts with that. (

Would also be really good if you could add indenting into the source code. Am interested to see where this ends up.

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This is cool! I’m not much experienced with Lua, so this is gonna help a lot!

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You just made coding in studio one step easier.


Hey so,
Several people had asked me for the src code for this, and I provided it for most of them. However, after finding several major issues as well as inefficiencies throughout my code, I decided to make a new one. With the creation of the new one, I will no longer be distributing this one. The ui will be getting massive improvements :sweat_smile:

New one should be available to public fairly soon

Also dm me any of your ideas, Ill make sure to read them.

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A bit of a late reply :flushed:,
Ill see if switching it to a widget is practical, as I could have it fold into the explorer window when needed as well.

Parsing Lua into blocks is a great idea, I’ll be sure to add it.