Blocking people

I wish it was possible to block people and prevent them viewing and replying to your topics/replies as simply they will do anything to make you look bad or just spam.


If they’re maliciously attacking you, you can always flag their topics as “something else” and report them to the DET.


No, you can’t block and prevent them from viewing and replying. And I think this post is about my replies to your other post. No one wants to make you look bad, DevForum isn’t a place for that.

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There is the ignore feature you can use to prevent notifications from popping up when a users replies to you, but I believe the only block feature is rank locked to regular(unobtainable since sep 2020.)


This is supposed to be a public forum and banning people from replying to your topic goes against this. Moreover, people could easily block people from replying to their topics for no reason. However, the ability to hide messages by a user (like how the post is hidden when it gets flagged too much) might be useful.

You can mute a user, though. It’s not really a block but it makes it where you can’t be notified of them and they can’t message you.

Go to settings, then users, and there should be a bar where you can type in people’s usernames.

Both of these are against the rules. If you see posts like these, make sure to flag them.


Like Gg said, there is a proper block feature, it’s just locked to regulars. To clarify how it works: it does not stop users from replying to you or your topics, it just hides their posts like a flagged post. Here’s a demonstration:
(I picked your top topic directly off your profile, but it also appears in the sorts, so I guess someone could still make a topic title that “targets you” or whatever.)

Someone can make a topic/edit this topic asking for ignore to be available to Members, since I don’t see why it isn’t. I think it’s probably the default setting and the DevForum just hasn’t bothered changing it, like the “welcome this user” text, so there’s no strong desire against opening it as long as someone expresses that they want that.

This topic is a bit different since it’s asking for a proper block, which people have already expressed their opinions on why it wouldn’t work, but opening ignore to everyone seems like a good middle ground. I don’t get why there are a bunch of random QOL features locked behind certain TLs, and it’s probably best if they’re just all opened up to everyone (Visitors too!)


It actually used to be where it was hard coded to TL2+, so assuming the devforum’s discourse instance is up to date there should now be a site setting to determine the minimum trust level needed to ignore

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