BlockLua Devlog 4 | Making the new visual scripting plugin


Hello everyone!
Recently I started making a new visual scripting plugin and it is doing great so far!
It is very similar to my current plugin EventBlocks . It has the same style of scripting (like Scratch does).

Let’s get right into it!

New features and blocks!


This is the most interesting and special feature, so I’ll start with it.
It will help people to learn lua by using this plugin.

Basically, it displays a lua line for every block and syntax highlights it (it was hard to make lol).
I think this will be a VERY useful feature to learn actual lua using BlockLua.
Let me know what you think!




Lists are really easy to use and are very useful.
I will add a block to loop trough lists (with ipairs)

Math blocks


This is the most basic ‘operation’ block.
You can type anything in the center and it will work.




Alternatively, you can use the ‘manipulation’ blocks:

Instance blocks

Above is the basic ‘instance’ block.
You can either pick an instance from the explorer or enter your own path to your instance.

the (shortened) block in coding area:

Property and find child blocks


Pretty straight forward to use, I don’t think I have to explain.

Are you interested?

Please tell me in the replies if you want to be @tagged in the upcoming devlogs!
(You will get a notification when it comes out if you are tagged)

When will this release?

I can’t give you an exact date. Probably at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year.

Tagged people:
@TomskiKiller @EliottENAnnoucement


I think this we will help me a lot. I’m a newbie in development, especially in scripting, so this is an amazing new! I’m so happy to see that someone really take of his time to give the best to people!

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The Luau mirror is a great addition, it will seriously help those in the early stages of scripting

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BlockLua is an exquisitely made, convenient and supportive plugin for people like me.
I wish to see more devlogs and development on this.


Glad to hear that! Do you wish getting tagged in the future devlogs?


yes pls
it would be very convennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnient :slight_smile:

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I am incredibly interested in this! I know only the very basics of scripting and this would help me improve a lot.


I’m not saying this isn’t a great idea, but if you really do want to learn to script it’s better to do it usually because it helps you understand the syntax more. In simple terms, if you want to code you must be ready to fail because without trial and error you will never understand it correctly.

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How much are you thinking this plugin will cost?

BlockLua is released in an alpha stage. You can install it for free but except bugs and glitches. BlockLua | Roblox visual scripting on a new level. [ALPHA]

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Very great new! I’m going to install it right now!

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I think this will be a very good way to just understand Lua, very nice I can say.

Hey! I made a full review
Check out here


Leave a Reply on your thoughts.
See ya!

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1: its off topic, you should move the category before it gets flagged
2: you cant make false statements, it does not make you code faster

1: there are better visual scripting plugins
2: visual scripting plugins make coding harder to learn

I just edited a bit, so sorry if I caused confusion or issues

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You got me curious.

Could you please mention at least 2 other visual scripting plugins?
Really, I’m just curious which plugins are you talking about here.