Bloom on a raycast

I’ve added bloom to a bullet (basepart) already but I can’t figure out how to add bloom to a raycast. The closest thing I’ve gotten is adding Vector3 to the second parameter of the ray and but it isn’t the same angle as the bullet part (this part does nothing but tell the player that he shot).

Here is my code:

	mouse.TargetFilter = workspace.Bullets and workspace.FX and GunModel and workspace.Abilities
	local newangle =*angle,angle)/100 + 1,math.random(-1*angle,angle)/100 + 1,1)
	local newcframe =,mouse.Hit.p)*CFrame.Angles(math.rad(newangle.X),math.rad(newangle.Y),newangle.Z)
	local ray =,(newcframe.LookVector).Unit) -- need help with this line