BodyPosition not working

This is what I did:

		BodyPosition.Position = humanoidRootPart.Position +, 3, -2)
		BodyGyro.CFrame =

Edit: I did BodyGyro.CFrame = humanoidRootPart.CFrame and now it works.

Give more detail; use the Scripting Support Format

and what’s the parent of the BodyGyro.

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Btw, please explain what a stand is next time, tho some people (including myself) will understand what you mean with “stand”
I suggest using AlignPosition and AlignOrientation for this:
make 2 attachments:

  1. Inside the Stands’ RootPart
  2. Inside the Player’s RootPart, but with an offset (change the Attachment.Position)
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AlignPosition and AlignOrientation instead of BodyPosition and BodyGyro?