BodyVelocity physics bug



Ironically, I actually turned it on for the right thing and copy pasted the wrong thing in this thread.

Do you still want to include 247618268 ?


Ah gotcha, yes please


Something is very strange about the Cube Controller game. I don’t see the feature activating in some places that I think it should.

What are you using to control the rotation of the cube?


Can I get it enabled on this place? 258284917


I am interested in this feature being implemented in one of my ship games I have been using the old physics solver to get around the character being able to stop a ship issue but I would like to move towards using PSG Solver instead, provided that this is not too late for this feature to be added.

ID: 245440965


It’s been quite a while now, and I’ve not noticed any change in behaviour of the unstoppable power of Humanoids.

Is there any update available for this? Reverting to the old physics solver isn’t an option for me, and the parts with the BodyMovers are controlled server side, and I don’t know of any way to solve this for server-controlled parts.


It’s going to be introduced soon, as this post says:
Unfortunately we don’t know when exactly. So it looks like we still need to wait.


Ahh, that’s great! Slipped through my unread because I, as a new member, didn’t have access to #development-discussion but do now. Good to know this hasn’t been forgotten.