Bottom TextButton Becomes Dominant When Position Is Tweened

This bug seems to have appeared in the most recent Roblox update.

When there is a TextButton covering another TextButton that has a lower ZIndex as shown in the above image, the MouseButton1Down event of the top button fires when the user clicks in the overlapping area. However, once the bottom button’s position is tweened, the MouseButton1Down event of the bottom button fires instead when the user clicks in the overlapping area. The top button still triggers when you click any area outside of the boundaries of the bottom button. Below is a GIF of me demonstrating this bug.

Here is the place if anyone wants to look at how I set it up and verify this bug.

TextButtonBug.rbxl (14.8 KB)

Side note: this bug only works with TweenPosition, not TweenSize.


This causes a lot of UI issues in my game. I use an invisible active button to catch clicks that do not actually hit a button behind UI frames to prevent accidental “world” clicks, but now that steals a ton of clicks from buttons with a higher Z-index…

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if anyone is seeing this issue in their game, can they post a link to their game and a description of what is broken?

I have fixed some of the (more critical) issues by disabling animations, but some are still broken:

The bottom tabs are easiest to check here. Once you open a menu, it’ll put an invisible button catching clicks behind it (which animates upwards). Then you cannot click it again to close it (but rarely it does work?).
This happens on various other buttons too still.

I have a fix submitted that should fix this. I plan on trying to get it out in a week


I thought I was going crazy
the primary menu in our game just suddenly stopped working
it’s pretty game breaking, sooner the better for the fix please


When you open the menu, none of the buttons will work. I have an invisible button over a visible one which tweens slightly to the right when you hover over it. You can only activate the button by clicking on the sliver of non-overlapping area that’s exposed when the lower button tweens.

Thank you!