BridgeNet2, v0.5.5 | A blazing fast networking library for Roblox

Not finished yet.

I have to sort through the API docs that were made in a pull request, and then I have to publish it. Should be soon enough.


I am trying to understand BridgeNet2 and have a question, below is a localscript and am I correct that you would make a Bridge for each call to the client?

Below I have a bridge for playing a sound on the client and a bridge that collects an item and give the player money.

Is this the correct was of doing it or should I combine in one call with an array?

local BridgeNet2 = require(game:GetService(“ReplicatedStorage”).Modules.BridgeNet2)
local SoundBridge = BridgeNet2.ReferenceBridge(“SoundBridge”)
local CollectBridge = BridgeNet2.ReferenceBridge(“CollectBridge”)

Yes, this is the correct way of creating bridges.

How to use it so like yk i can create 2 bridges for server to server communication.
BridgeNet2.ServerBridge(“Name Here”) doesnt work. Idk if it was meant to work that way

Is it possible to set up BridgeNet to be run in parallel?

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what’s your use case for this? I’m not completely opposed to it, but that is fairly complex I think.

No specific use case other than to utilize multi-threading for performance. And because it uses a roblox signal (remote event), I thought it could be possible to setup.

But I imagine it would be really complex, that’s why I was curious if BridgeNet could even support that, or if it would be to different from the core code.