Bring back category threads on homepage

Very recently, as of 9/7/21, the forums have a new layout:

This new layout is not ideal. Previously, forum categories were listed on the right side of the screen, and underneath each category the latest 5-6 threads were displayed. This helped with thread exposure for topics other developers may care about when opening the forums. My primary source of thread discovery was often from the home page, by simply seeing threads listed under the categories.
This new layout removes this feature, making it harder to find topics I would be interested in / care about at a glance.

The old layout should be brought back, or, at the very least, the latest active threads feature should be brought back and displayed under each category like before.


Pretty sure this is not intentional, and yes it should be reverted. This happened before, after the forum was on maintenance.

Adding into that, it would be nice, though I’m pretty sure impossible to have the option to toggle this on and off.
For me, and for many other people, the forum takes around 4~6 seconds to load the homepage.
With no topics shown, it’s faster than opening a topic for me a lot of the times. I usually go in and out of topics, and it takes way too long to go to the homepage, just to see some other category.
So if I had the option to not show them, I personally would hide them.

Another idea to this, is to have a button to see the topics on that certain category, and not show them immediately, only requesting that data when you click on a certain button.


I hope this is unintentional.
I don’t want to have to click on 5 links to see the titles of new posts.

Just saw this comment from a Roblox staff member:

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