Browser: An automatically maintained object browser

Thanks for your comments! I’ve implemented these fixes in the latest update.


Very cool plugin, It would really help me in my case

Update 1 is now live


Member Details

View everything there is to know about members, including what needs to go in and what comes out (in the case of a function)

image image

Open On Wiki Button

Click the “Wiki Page” button to open the related page on the Developer Hub!

Please report any bugs if you run into them with this update.

Full changelog:

Various UX improvements
Theme Manager no longer memory leaks
Added a missing frame to Theme Manager
Added Member Details
Added Wiki Page Button


Possibly the most useful plug-in I’ve installed in the past year or 2… I got to where I leave the developer hub open on another screen so I can look up arguments/event names before-hand… This is going to make that much easier…

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Fixed the bug that made the Open Wiki button not work, this was due to me running a different plugin that puts it’s own plugin in shared (this should really be fixed)

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I love it!
Could you pls sort the list by Properties, Functions and Events; just like the original ?


Source Code:

The source code is now available here in RBXMX form (so you can roast my terrible code)

I might upload the Lua code itself if I feel like it.


Update 2

  • Added support for ThreadSafety added to the JSON Dump in update 462

Update 2.1

Added a small modification to the API Dump Module that allows me to add custom members, currently only used for InternalSyncService and InternalSyncItem, which can already be viewed in the Studio Object Browser.

image image

(btw if anyone knows the security/threadsafety of the InternalSyncItem objects I’d love to know that)

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Update 2.2

Added Caching to the backend API Dump tool, along with a clear cache button



The button icon is temporary and will likely be switched

Also released the backend API Dump Tool this uses as open-sourced
ApiDump.rbxm (2.9 KB)

:Get(branch) - returns data from the requested branch, can be one of three values:

:ClearLocalCache() - clears the plugin settings of any data saved by the API Dump Tool

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Is there a way to completely replace the built in object browser with this? This is more updated and useful

Nope (though I wish I could), I keep forgetting to get this plugin :joy: I need to get it already. It’s really good.

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This plugin is now part of the metatablecat Legacy Suite (yay)

Updated this again to support the new type? syntax in the API dump where it’ll change Returns to Can Return

There is now also a protection to stop the Roblox plugin loading if you have the local version of it installed.

Anybody who knows how to use the localisation API please DM me.

It would be nice if properties, methods and events were sorted, like in the wiki where properties are at the top, methods in the middle, and events at the bottom. An option to hide RobloxScriptSecurity, or an orange background & sort them last in their section would also be amazing. I was using sleitnick’s Roblox DevHub Search Chrome Extension, but this being within Studio is a million times more convenient!

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I’m planning to do a full rewrite of this plugin to clean up it’s codebase and remove a lot of it’s inconsistencies.

One of the inconsistencies is with the components, some of the modules initialise prewritten components while others make new ones.

It also doesn’t like PluginDebugService as it doesn’t keep any of the GUI elements around which is another nightmare I need to fix.

I’ll take your feedback onboard for when I get around to that. :slight_smile:


I found something secret… the icons!

for users who use Vanilla, the icons can change!

How can @metatablecatmaid did this?

Actually thats just because ModManager rebakes the ClassIcons.png image that I use to get the icons.

I DIDN’T USE MOD MANAGER. I use a mac. So I installed it manually

Is there any way to only display Enum and its members?

I’m not maintaining this anymore, sorry! :slight_smile: