Bubble Chat breaking with R15

So I was currently in the process of transforming my game from R6, to R15.
But I have encountered a very odd issue.

My bubble chat used to work fine on R6, but when I converted to R15, suddenly it became client sided.
Client sided in the sense of, only the player who chats can see their bubble chat, other players can’t see it and the player can’t see other player’s.

I enabled Bubble Chat by duplicating ClientChatModules and pasting it into the Chat Service and setting module.BubbleChatEnabled = true inside the ChatSettings Module.

For some reason, bubble chat only worked when the game was R6, when I switched to R15, it suddenly stopped working.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

I don’t think duplicating ClientChatModules is required for BubbleChat. Setting the module.BubbleChatEnabled option to true should be all that you do.

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The Lua Chat System shouldn’t break just because you change the avatar type. Do you have any console errors that you could share? Do you know of any edits that you made to the Lua Chat System that have some limb of R6 as a dependency?

By the way, you don’t need to fork anything just to change the chat type. I strongly recommend against that. The Lua Chat System is highly customisable and provides a wide range of API that you can use to modify its behaviour. Check out this tutorial I wrote some time back: