Bubble Chat Fix

If you’re experiencing issues with bubble chat messages cutting off I have found the solution.
You need to enable the Bubble Chat option within the chat service as seen below, and I have a chat module just for bubble chat. Put the chat module inside the Chat Service as seen below. (image 2)

Chat Module - https://www.roblox.com/library/7236085329/ClientChatModules




This isn’t really a fix then, more of just an acknowledgement of the Roact bubble chat system that was implemented a while ago. This is already known to fix various issues but I was hoping, as per the title, that you had a proper fix applied directly to the old bubble chat that wasn’t “use the new system”.

Also worth noting that you shouldn’t fork modules if you aren’t going to edit them majorly, structurally or anything, since the Lua Chat System is highly extensible. It is possible to use API to change a small number of chat settings.


What does this fix? I don’t have any problems with bubble chat?

Unless you use the proper settings bubble chat will cut off complete messages.

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It has never done this for me.