Bubble Chat is now integrated into TextChatService!

Adding on to per-player bubble chat customization, would per-bubble customization be something that could be looked in to as well?

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When I zoom in, bubble chat can’t be seem. Its hidden inside your head, and for some reason changes depending on zoom distance.
Screenshot (833)


Exactly, this per-bubble idea is what we had in mind when I mentioned generalizing it further than before.

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What do you mean? This has existed for about a year now in normal Chat service.

This is just Amazing! This is a Very important thing to invest in. As roblox Develops any farther, we will need a Up-To-Date TextChatService.
My Question though is Will it become easier to use for Starter scripters Anytime Soon?
Because sometimes I encounter bugs and i Blame it on me because i wrote the code.

With this implementation, are there plans to allow developers to hide the microphone above player’s heads when voice is enabled? I find it very in-the-way and it would be nice to be able to control this just as we can control bubble visibility. I personally believe it would be better placed in the topbar where the “BETA” indicator is currently.


It was more difficult to, now you can just change the properties without using a script. This also makes it easier to test the appearance since you can change it during runtime.

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We can’t change the font :sob:


How do I change the font for the new feature if the font changing feature is available or not?

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Via script.

Second this


Omg it’s been so long… We really wanted this update.

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bubble chat IS kind of cool it seems

Oh my!

This is excellent news! I remember struggling in an attempt to find a way to enable bubble chat for my experiences and struggling even MORE to customize the bubble chat. I am so glad to see this feature!

Great job Roblox, keep up with the amazing updates :hearts:

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Amazing update, love this. I’ll for sure use it.

Hey. I really like new chat but could the chat tags be set on the server? How could i create admin commands on the server?

Great update! Finally the customization of chatbubbles is way easier.

This is awesome! Does this support customizing each bubble message for changing colors based on text content, animating the text in/out, etc…!

Oh that’s true. My bad!

Doesnt seem to be working for me?, unsure if I did something wrong.