Bubble Chat is now integrated into TextChatService!

I love this update! The new gui and the bubble chat settings make the chat look way cooler and adds way more possibilities to the chat! Thanks

This is really cool. I would switch chat systems if it wasn’t for the fact that better chat V3 has more features than the new roblox chat.

Better Chat V3

Maybe just Maybe I will switch over if these better chat features become a thing on the default roblox chat.

Yep, we have scheduled the work to add background transparency in the next few weeks

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The new bubble chat couldnt be forked anyway as far as I know

Does this change mean I can enable bubble chat in a game that’s meant to be playable on Xbox that I made with friends? One of said friends told me that since Xbox doesn’t have chat it had to be turned off to keep in line with Microsoft’s rules; I haven’t looked into this myself as I do not own an Xbox One anyways.

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Wow this honestly looks amazing! Makes editing chat much easier!

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A suggestion: allow the “nub” at the bottom of the most recent message to have it position, shape/image, size, etc. to be customized.

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Anyone having an issue where your text bubbles dissapear occiasionally when you respawn for yourself or others? I’m doing a custom manual character respawn.

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A lot of players in my game have reported that this is happening, and it appears its only for specific players. This issue started being reported the same time bubble chat was integrated into text chat service and none of the scripts in my game touch text chat sevice in any way, so im sure a bug was introduced in this release. Has there been any bug report made for this?

Not that Ive seen, but upon using LegacyChat again, it also has the same issue.

Do you know the specific steps to reproduce the issue? It seems to be only be happening to certain players so i cant reproduce the problem

No, I dont sorry. It’s randomly happening to people in my game. But I also dont use characterautospawn.

Same here, seems to happen to only certain players, but it happens to the same players consistently on the same device. I also have characterautoloads to false, and use Player:LoadCharacter() so i think this is relevent. Anymore details i missed? I can make a bug report for it in #bug-reports:engine-bugs

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Upon testing more, Idk if you did this as well, but when the bubbles stop appearing, the Message sent has its TextSource as nil. (it should be the player.)

I haven’t actually been able to replicate it myself, I only know what ive heard from players reports. Hmmm, so it seems the root issue is for some resson the textsource is being set to nil?

Yes. And it happens to me a lot in game or in studio.

I hope sometime in the future more customization can be added, like a bubble gradient.

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Thanks for raising the issue. Do you think you could file a bug report with more steps to reproduce, or give us a place file? We attempted to reproduce the issue, but couldn’t surface the bug.

I’ve tried reproducing the issue was well, but it only seems to happen specific players, in games that have characterautoloads to false and characters that are spawned manually with Player:LoadCharacter(). I will try to talk to the players that this happens consistently to, and ask if they would be willing to help out the engineers trying to debug this. If I can get someone to agree, I’ll make an issue in #bug-reports:engine-bugs if one hasn’t been made already

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Any updates or ETA on per-player customization? My game relies heavily on it.