Bubblechat won't show correctly

Hello there,

I’m trying to implement the new chat module from roblox and I have run into some issues.

In my game I use an invisible sphere placed inside the character’s humanoid which is used to detect certain parts around the character. The problem I ran into is that the bubblechat is placed above this sphere. This was not happening with the older chat module.

I’ve tried to change the position of the bubblechat labels:

local chat = game:GetService("Chat")
		VerticalStudsOffset = -5,

this however does not get the wanted result. The text is positioned right, but when the camera turns, the label turns with it:

this is the desired result:

Another thing I tried is to place the sphere in a seperate folder in workspace, but this will prevent interactions with surfaceguis as the mouse won’t be detected through invisible/visible parts.

Has someone got a solution for this?


Roblox calculates the position of the bubble by checking the character’s height. It thinks that the sphere is part of the character so it tries to position it higher.
Maybe try parenting the sphere to a folder for effects or parenting somewhere else.

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As I stated in the post, by doing this, interacting with surfaceguis won’t be possible as the mouse is not detected through parts

Is making the sphere a particle, viewportframe, or a SphereHandleAdornment possible for what you are doing?

I’ve tried the SphereHandleAdornment but this sadly does not have any touch listener which is needed to detect other baseparts to fire a certain event. This is the same with a viewportframe and particles as far as I know.

Have you tried setting the part’s Massless property to true?

The sphere is by default set to massless == false. changing this property does not affect the placement of the bubblechat.

Why not use SphereHandleAdornment with Raycast Hitbox or Region3 Hitbox?

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Haven’t thought about this! after searching some posts I will try to implement this Rotated Region 3 Module and see how this will work out.