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About Me

Preferred Title: Bina (She/They) aka FourLetterWords

Experience in 2D Clothing, Character Design, Game Design, Building, 3D Modeling.

:sparkles:2B+ visits on games contributed to.

EDIT: Making unfinished additions :slight_smile:


Assets below by category and subcategory.

⭐Build and 3D Model +Texture
✨More Recent
WIP Halloween Game


Ore Mining Simulator (COMM - Assets)

Rigged Items (can be bent/posed/animated):

Scene Wall Builders:

Scene example:

I see some of where I could have spared more verts. Wireframe sample is for those that want to know it was not insanely vert-expensive.




And much more…

Random Stylized Trees


Simple Map and Coin

For Joven's Game (COMM - Some Pets)

Not all pets are included to save space. Pets were done as per request and does not decide a limitation of skill.

Texture Commission

Random Donkey Kong Remake (IP is not mine)

Giant Dancing Simulator (COMM - Stages)

Anime Magnet Simulator (WIP)

Work In Progress…

Speed Saga (WIP)

Work In Progress…

Star Creator Obby (UNRELEASED)

Metaverse Event Obby Game

Travel to Unicorn Island Obby

Funky Friday

(Others unavailable on portfolio until release in-game)


Star Creator Clothing Store

GoingLimited’s Homestore (Unfinished until further notice)

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⭐UGC, Misc and 3D
✨More Recent

Coming soon…


:link:UGC Here
:link:Bina’s UGC Concept World

Shoulder Pet ONLY Textured and optimized by ItsBina / FourLetteWords… Modeled by another creator.

(adjusted to face more forward)

✨More Recent

Coming soon…


(all shoes were mapped to change color of different sections, 150x150)






Adding more soon!

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⭐2D and Clothing

Clothing: More Realistic


Clothing: Stylized

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Character Design

Travel to Unicorn Island Obby (Metaverse Event Participant)

2D Clothing Creation

Paris Hilton (Paris, Neon Carnival x Levis)
Kestrel - GAP on Club Roblox (GAP Teen)
Happy Nation x BayView RP
Anime Tappers
Armed Disease Control


I am available for up to 10 hours of work in the span of 7 days. You can contact me any time, but I am unable to work a full 40 hours due to preoccupations.


Prices are rarely negotiable, I accept hourly pay or pay per asset. Contract is preferred.
Accepts transfers, PayPal, and Cash App.

Any robux payment would have to be paid half before working, and half after finished unless otherwise negotiated.

$300 USD per artist-made UGC / $350-$500 per my Layered Clothing uploaded by the customer for profit (non-negotiable). Any negotiations of this price must be presented kindly, prior to any work.

I will make and/or upload a UGC item. I will not upload for you unless it is a collaboration item. I will not sell you an upload. I have no obligation to collaborate with you just because I do collaborate with others or just because my collaboration offer is open.

Robux payment will be through group funds, or by gamepass (higher than group funds due to tax). DevEx equivalent rates will be used, not by robux purchase price. Each robux is .0035 USD.


⚠️Please Read Disclaimers⚠️

These are common practice disclaimers created to prevent abuse to artists:

  • Commissions require the provision of full details and specifications prior to the start of work.
    • If more items might be desired and are in question, a list of prices must be provided and these additional tasks will be in consideration to be agreed upon only after the main commission.
    • Additional item prices will be separate and paid in the same respect: separately.
  • Payment is exchanged after the finished product is shown, before it is transferred from hand to hand.
  • No unpaid changes after payment. However, if it is a minor request or a mistake on part of the artist- no sweat involved, it might be solved by the artist if it is not of layman’s skill.
  • Never send payment without explicit permission.
  • Due to the previous: The right to cancel a commission before payment for any reason[s] is reserved. The practice of regular kindness and clear communication will easily prevent this undesired situation.
  • When using PayPal, the means of payment will be specified before a price is agreed upon.
    • If “Family and Friends” is not selected in PayPal, the commissioner will have to pay more to cover the fee.
  • No removing of watermarks and credits if any are present.
  • Credit the artist unless the artist explicitly declines it.

Don’t see anything you want created in my portfolio? Ask anyway!:blush:

We all start with nothing, and build up from there :^)

Thank you for your time! :sparkling_heart: