Builder and modeler ( open )

¡¡¡¡new update!!!

I would just like to tell you about a typo in the title, you wrote “Traslator” instead of Translator.

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new update!!!..

If you need a spanish translator, this is your guy! He’s super reliable and friendly and affordable prices. I highly reccomend everyone to hit up my homie Alan for quality services!

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New update!!!..

10/10 translating!
He is very nice, he listens a lot. He knows how to do what he is to do, and he is fast. He is good at his job, he knows Spanish real well. I vouch.


Very good translator I recommend it! :smile:

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New translated game added !!! :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

new update!! 2 new games added

new update!! 1 new games added YEYYYYY

Very fast and efficient will recommend 100%

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new update! 1 new game aded!!!

kinetic code !

I had thought about hiring you, but I found out you tried to steal jobs from your competition and used Google Translate despite being from Colombia?


Nah, he is definitely fluent on Spanish language. He is a very nice, and humble guy to work with!

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I’d suggest him, he works fast and fun to work with.

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Yes. He is very nice to work with.

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Hi, could you remove Submerged from your list of translated games. Submerged got retranslated and it will be misleading to say that you have translated it.

new things in my portfolio :smile: