Building Challenge #18 - Modern Bedroom

Hi guys, today I made a modern bedroom. It was quite fun to make. Tell me what you guys think! Also, it would be great if you tell me what other things I could add! Since I’m bad at furniture designing, I will be making tons of furnitures in the next few days!

You can check out the previous builds of this challenge here. And you can check out the game here!

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Pretty hard to notice how much unused space there is, i sugggest you fill itc other than that it looks good!

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Thanks! I could size it smaller I guess, this is the reference image I’ve used:

I can feel the empty space after your comment! I should’ve made it smaller I guess. And I just realized, I forgot to add the main thing, the curtain! Now the people living in this room won’t have any privacy…

And I forgot about that too :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I thin the proportions of your room are a bit odd; the very wide floorplan makes the room appear very empty, while the low ceiling makes it simultaneously feel quite claustrophobic. I would advise shrinking the walls down a lot, raising the ceiling a couple studs to give yourself some breathing room, and perhaps filling the room with more stuff. The bed could be made a bit taller, too, as right now it almost looks like it has been squashed.

More natural light fixtures could also help liven the look - most people don’t have little glowing squares all over their ceiling!

Critiques aside, I do find your choice in colors quite nice, the warm hues do make it feel decently cozy. Hope you can make some more stuff after this!

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Thanks for the feedback! I’m bad at scaling my builds, I don’t rescale them. I saw some speed builds and in that, the builder rescales them to fit the size. I will also practice lighting! I can finally see my weak points in building things. I will be practicing how to make different-styled furniture next so that I can make them easily on my next builds!

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I suggest using a rig/dummy that serves as a reference for how big the room and the furniture are in comparison to a “person” or player. Other than that, I think it looks good!

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I do use a dummy! I use an R15 block dummy from the avatar editor for sizing. The thing is even though I use a dummy for measurements, my mind thinks oh, this isn’t that huge, it’s just the size of a perfect room! And that’s why my builds sometimes look overwhelming. I think I should resize the build to adjust when I think I should, like when I add furniture. If you have any tips you can give me, I would love to know it! Thanks for the feedback!

It does look like they’re sleeping on concrete pillows. You should make them SmoothPlastic or make a custom material.

Desk & furniture: 10/10! Maybe be a little more detailed and add a cord for the lamp on the desk, and maybe a few drawers.

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Thanks for the detailed ideas! I will apply them on my next builds!