Bypass Roblox AFK Kick

There have been many posts like this, but it looks like they get shut down quickly by people who say it just isn’t possible. There’s a game that does this, and it seems to do it using teleportservice. Does anyone have a working script? I’ve experimented with a softshutdown/server restart script, as it works similiarly to what Kavra’s Kingdom does, but it doesn’t work.

I’m unsure if you can do this in Studio, however, I’ve heard (Don’t quote me on this) with anti-AFK kick exploits, the script makes the user do a fake input, would there be a way to convert this into Studio?

Is there a real use-case for this? What’s your reason for wanting to bypass the AFK kick in the first place?

As for going about it, I’ve never seen games do it, though it would make sense if it’s doing it using TeleportService. I assume they have a script checking for input and if there is no input for a set amount of time the game will teleport them to another server (and maybe back?) in order to bypass that limit.

You can go check out the Kavra’s Kingdom game to see their use case. It doesn’t matter what the actual use case would be

It looks like the game I linked uses some teleportservice of sort and reserves a server, before TPing the AFK Players to another server, I tried this with a snippet of a softshutdown script, but it doesn’t work

I’m struggling to wrap my head around what your question is.

There’s no possible way to stop Roblox kicking you from a game once it detects you’re AFK for ~20 minutes. If the game is moving you to a different place when you’re AFK then it’s more than likely that they have their own detection for it which has a shorter scope for inactivity.

It’s quite literally impossible to simulate user input for games, unless the user is exploiting; so no, they’re not bypassing it.

Yeah, I dont really want to “bypass” it, but rather, use something like TeleportService to reset the inactivity timer, like the Kavra’s Kingdom game does it

Detect if they’re AFK for a length of time lower than 20 minutes:

Teleport them to a new place:
Teleporting Between Places.

Thank you. It turns out my method worked, but after reading the post you quoted I found out that .Idled wasn’t working anymore, so I used my own method of detecting inactivity with userinputservice