C1 and C0 issue

  1. I’m working on a avatar editor.

  2. So, the tool rotates around c1 and it can only be c1 or the tool itself will break. So the next best thing is putting c0 at Cframe.new(0,0,0) and putting the c1 where my hat is. Image example below of where things are, the aqua is where the C0 and C1 are. The dark blue is the current rotation pattern that I want to fix

The one below this is the one I need to get to.

  1. Searched the Dev forums, youtube, guess and check math work.
    Nothing yet.
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You can use attachments to visualize and position the C0 and C1, it is also easier to adjust using roblox studio move tool, otherwise you can use RigEdit:

The issue is that this is in game so I cant use the Studio Move Tool or any plugin because its an avatar editor for in game.

Then you can copy and paste the attachment CFrame values after adjusting them manually in studio.