Cage Mesh Deformer - Studio Beta

why adding cage mesh deformer when there is so many important features like vertex editing, better animation editor etc.

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This feature is going to be the key feature to Layered Clothing. If you also look at gta they have a similar system so you can stack clothing on top of each other and the vertices below won’t display. That’s to help with performance. That’s also something us as a development simple just can’t do. I’m glad this update is coming out to improve the quality of the platform for the community and developers.


What exactly do you mean by vertex editing?

vertex editing is super useful tool when editing meshes or making meshes in studio.


So like Blender’s edit mode. Wouldn’t this be somewhat complex for roblox? Is it actually on their roadmap or a suggestion?

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Vertex editing isn’t important… Jesus, so many people on this thread just complain about so many unrealistic things that don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

i just said it for example they still didnt release avatar evolution after 2 years, im not saying its a bad update i was just saying they couldve made better features than cage mesh deformer that doesnt even work on skinned mesh characters.

There’s a bug that crashes studio when putting on layered clothing at the moment : Putting layered clothing on certain packages causes consistent crash

This would be incredibly cool if you had lightsabers in roblox and you could do this to other people


Made a feature request regarding clipping with layered clothing : Layered clothing should support contextual clipping before it launches


Thanks for the detailed feature request. This is a feature we have been actively discussing and debating within the team. We are looking at ways this can be done automatically without requiring manual tagging of the assets/triangles. Will update in the forum once we have a good solution that is not too hard to author.


Thank you for the update! I’m glad it’s being looked into and am looking forward to hearing about what you folks come up with. :slight_smile:


Because you can use blender for both of those things.

Do you need to skin the clothing before layering it onto the target? I have a rig with a non-skinned mesh that does not work with this feature. It is only when I skin the clothing does it actually layer on.

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Well that’ll be so good for dismembered…

What’s Dismembered? Never heard of it.

Like cut body parts or limbs off from the person…

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This morning at ~9am, we will be enabling a change in skinned MeshParts that is necessary for layered clothing, but could temporarily break some scenes using Cage Mesh Deformer Beta. If you notice any problems please let us know. This is only a temporary limitation, we have a fix for Cage Mesh Deformer Beta that we’ll be rolling out in the next few weeks to resolve this completely. Thanks for your hard work and patience.

– Your Roblox Avatar Engineering Team


Yes, the clothing needs to be skinned.

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Hi! So I did noticed today that the former SurfaceAppearance on the parts, they now break on models, alongside it now adding a bunch of OriginalSize Vector Values.
Though it seemingly works fine when I remove the SurfaceAppearance.
I didn’t particularly need it (or its added functionality) but noticed it was required for the example for the accessory drag n drop to work with our models.
Will it be needed moving forward or do we need to tweak our meshes for this?
New behavior

w/o the SurfaceAppearance

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