Camera Animations for cutscenes and gameplay!

Is it possible to keep it in a loop till you break it?

How exactly would this work though, could you give an example for subtitles? thanks

how to make cutscene work the current script doesn’t work

I presume that the client fps is tied to the animation speed and fps, so if you’re lagging or have low fps the syncing between camera and cutscene would break.

Not the issue here, we’re using DeltaTime to decide what frame of the cutscene we need. On any framerate the cutscene should take the same amount of time

it doesnt work for some reason. is it because im using attachtopart? or am i doing something wrong

I’m not very experienced with attachtopart if im honest, for anything i’ve done until now i’ve never used it

oh okay
if you figure out how can you show us? [or ill figure out idk]

i figured it out. in moon animator use attach to part and on every animation node press + when cframe button is selected. then when your done remove attach to part node and attachtopart from the camera. and then do the rest of whats in the tutorial.

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issue with this is i can not add camera shake very easily

Moon has a wiggle feature under keyframe > fill

totally inspired from black magic, great work :3

The example you provided works but doesn’t seem to support FOV change. Is there any way I could detect when the FOV is being changed in my cutscene animation?

Im pretty sure its about the same as cframes, moon will export both “FOV” and CFrame in the same folder


How does the camera animations actually work correctly though? Like when you animate with the camera and then save it, it gives you a folder with cframe values, but them cframe values are SET values that won’t be relative to the player in-game, so how is it relative to the character for you?

Wow, this was incredibly useful and easy to use! thank you so much!!!

set the reference part and itll turn into relative positions next time you export

what if I want it to be the player but the player will obviously not be in the same position as the rig was when i exported it

follow the steps under “Gameplay Cutscenes”, thats made to follow the player

Why do I not have the export all option?