Camera help probably NOW!

Put this in a localscript inside starterplayerscripts under the starterplayer tab in the explorer.

or something like this:

--inside a local script in StarterPlayerScripts
local camera = workspace.CurrentCamera --defines the camera in the workspace.
camera.CameraType = Enum.CameraType.Scriptable --sets type to scriptable.

--CFrame code goes here

wait(3) --waits 3 seconds before changing back

camera.CameraType = Enum.CameraType.Custom --Back to player.

but my camerA type is fixed i cant change that also i think theres something wrong with my debounce not my camera manipulation

it is really important that you use my code as a guidance tool, and not to copy from other people, because copying doesn’t help you learn. Hope this helped, and good luck on your project. :D

i am 90% sure theres something wrong with my debounce

Can you paste me the entire script?

thats the whole script and i am not copying anyone if i was i wouldnt have problems I Am not a copy paster and i dont understand why you think i am one

new issue returning to normal dosent seem to have a problem but… new issue when it gos in to the cams position when i press any other key it stops being in the cams position :D

do the toggle part of the code inside of the if statement where you’re checking if key is being pressed
like this

if Enum.KeyCode.Q == input.KeyCode then
	if thing == true then
		-- code  here
		thing = false
		-- code here
		thing = true
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good news it works bad news it does not face the parts front

nvm solved it i had to change the camera type to scriptable but wouldn’t have figured if it wasn’t for a nice dev on the forum


Pain, I also suggested the changing the CameraType to Scriptable in Post #10

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