CameraUtil - Your new tool for simple camera manipulation! (OPEN-SOURCED)

Awesome! Thanks so much!

Have fun with your first year, I really enjoyed mine.


Thanks very much, I’m just now digging into this and so far it looks really sweet. I also wanted to say good luck in your time at college. Prioritize the work first, and plenty of good times will happen on their own. Thanks again!

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Is there a way to keep the camera shake after respawning?
I tried this and the camera shake didn’t work after respawning and in the output said, “attempt to call nil value”. Could be really useful in many cases.

@SodaCanBros Thank you for your kind words! I’m very much excited for my first year :slight_smile:

@RocketPig3527 Hey, I’d be glad to help you with this. This could be because the camera shake module is programmed in a way to stop shaking on player respawn (I’ll look into this). Meanwhile, where is your local script placed? And could you send me your code, and where the error is? That would be very helpful thank you :slight_smile:

Ok, my local script is in the StarterCharacterScripts file and here’s a screenshot of the code.

The reason why there’s duplicates of the same variables was because I was attempting to fix it.
Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to locate where the error is happening. I checked the local script, but was unable to locate the cause of the error. Also adding to complications, the output only reads this:
Really wish I could send more info on this, but so far, this is all I got.
Hope you find the cause soon!

How can I use this for a build mode camera?

Possibly have the camera facing the middle of the plot or place you’re trying to build on from the top using the Y-Axis. Then when a player is out of build mode, reset the camera.

Great resource, it’s been a great help and time saver. Just curious though, the orbit function seems to stop mid orbit instead of constantly continuing. I was wondering if this was intentional because I’m wanting it to orbit until I call it to reset or disconnect

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Curious if this is still possibly being updated? I can understand if life has prevented work on it, goodness knows it does that too me, though by chance would this work in a FPS sense?

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milk man dani

Thank you Awesome3_Eric, very cool.

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please tell me does this include bezier curves

Yes, CutsceneService which is used for the cutscenes here utilizes Bézier curves.
Unfortunately, a relatively old version is used here because it hasn’t been updated, so I would recommend to use CutsceneService directly to have the newest version.

I’m so sorry, I’ve been so busy with college, I do plan on updating this CameraUtil to accompany your newly published module + more methods to use :slight_smile:

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Wow! Great coincidence that I found this. I was just about to put CutsceneService and CameraShaker together to create my start screen :smiley:

ayo lad, how do i fix this? I’m currently trying this out and I encounter this.

RunService:fireRenderStepEarlyFunctions unexpected error while invoking callback: ReplicatedStorage.CameraUtil:426: attempt to index nil with 'CFrame' - Studio
15:14:09.031 ReplicatedStorage.CameraUtil:426: attempt to index nil with 'CFrame' - Client - CameraUtil:426

What I did:

--[[\\\ CAMERA ///]]--
local ReplicatedStorage = game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage")
local CameraUtil = require(ReplicatedStorage.CameraUtil)
local functions = CameraUtil.Functions
local shakePresets = CameraUtil.ShakePresets

local cameraInstance = workspace.CurrentCamera
local camera = CameraUtil.Init(cameraInstance)


local Shake = CameraUtil:CreateShake()

im very new to this, i may have done some problems