Can a Post get lost?


So I was just thinking about some post I made awhile ago about my Post Approval stuff (not related to topic) and I had was talking about post approval times and I got a reply about it from a Sage saying they couldn’t find it.

So can posts get lost, especially Post Approval ones?

Sorry for the short post.

yes, yes it can, just recently i got called off for “posting a topic similar to another” when the topic i posted was 2 days older

Unless you leave your DMs they should always be there. If you want to search through your DMs, just go to its page and click on the search button. Check “search through DMs” to search through every one of them.

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But not for me, for other people like if they were the ones trying to approval the post?
Like Post Approval after if you replied and it’s days later it’s not there?

Approval times are currently slow. Posts cannot get lost.