Can and how would i import this mesh to Roblox as a R15 character?

  1. What do you want to achieve? Keep it simple and clear!
    So i started reading about the “Skinnes meshes are live” thread. But i didnt really understand it really well… I want to be able to import this Predator mesh to Roblox as a R15 character. But i dont know how??

Picture of the mesh if you in case need it:


Wrong category. This should be in #help-and-feedback:art-design-support

Oh sorry my bad. I clicked It. But might have clicked scripting support instead. My bad

That looks incredible!

I have no familiarity with making such meshes in blender, so I may not be the best help. I might be able to get one of my friends to help later…

Could you share what you’ve tried so far? Because I’d just quote the announcement if you maybe looked over it:

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Sorry i havent had access to my pc for 1 day. But im back now… Anyways

I have tried to import other meshes to Roblox as R15 charactersRthro

But the problem is that. They do get imported. But they are just there like normal meshes/models and you cant use them as Characters.

What exactly happens when you use them as characters? Does it not work? Does it not animate?

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Nvm. I finally got it to work. Thanks for the help anyways(:!!

Would you mind sharing what you did? I’m not sure if I’ll ever utilize this feature but maybe in the future!

i’M not really sure how i got it to work. I just kept experimenting with it

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