Can anyone explain what OOP is and how it is better

can someone explain to me what oop (object oriented programming) is and how its better? ive seen some videos saying “implementing OOP into roblox” but i have trouble understanding what it is and how its better


A way of laying out code in a more friendly way whilst also keeping large projects organised. You have used objects in programming, even if you didn’t know. Things such as Parts or models are objects.


You could’ve googled, but ok.

OOP is object oriented programming. Basically almost everything you do in Roblox with objects is OOP (Changing brickcolor, size, orientation, moving, creating/destroying Value objects, your character movement and etc.).

I don’t understand what you mean by saying “Implementing OOP into Roblox”, as Roblox, as most of game engines are designed around OOP, OOP is a fundamental part of them, so there is nothing to implement. If you can share some of those videos you’re talking about, would be great.

Asking why is OOP better is like asking why is oxygen better. Better than what? It is not better, it just is.


8 years old but still relevant (the OOP paradigm in relation to Lua hasn’t changed).

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