Can I convert back to the old tools?

Does anyone know how to convert back to the old tools? I opened studios today and come to this and I greatly dislike it. Is it possible to change this?
(The old one had the spheres on the rotation tool.)

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You can convert back to the old rotate tool with the building tools by f3x plugin

I honestly prefer to use Studio Build Suite, it still has the old tool design, and a few more options. However I don’t think you can revert back to the original tools.

Please correct me if im wrong!

i would like to know how to do that too. the new rotating tool is really anonnying.

Please use the search function since this already been brought up already. The new ‘Lua Dragger’ has been released to everyone at the start there isn’t a way to revert back to the old dragger. You’d probably have to use a simple plugin as the updated Lua dragger is currently being forced to 25% of the users. You could always post your (feedback on the announcement thread).

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