Can I get some advice on my Uis

So I just made some Guis for my friends game and I would like some advice and ratings on it

Also make sure to test everything
No hate pls

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This belongs in #development-support:design-support

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Very basic design. Some of the buttons/images are not sized correctly.

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This is about to sound harsh but…

  1. The entire UI feels poorly planned and clumsily implemented. Practically nothing scales correctly so everything appears stretched, especially noticeable on images. For whatever reason you text is just weird overall Example:

  2. There is no consistent theming of the UI, you start with a bright blue loading screen with white overlay text. Then imminently pop to colorful screenshot with large red round buttons, then the settings page is apparently a discord imitation, and in game is a different style entirely.

  3. Inconsistent transitions, sometimes you’ll have the spinning logo, other times it will just visually pop onto the next Gui. While on the topic of the spinning logo it lasts a bit too long making it feel laggy.

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This post fits more in #development-support:design-support, please move it before it gets flagged to oblivion for being off-topic.

Critiquing your UI, there are definitely some nice elements and it looks promising, however there are a couple of things that are important to point out:

  • There is a lack of consistency. Examples: the original interface you see when you first join has a completely different style than the rest of the game, the help menu has a completely different style than both (red button, white background).
  • There are a couple of issues with scaling. The UI on my screen are all over the place, some of them even clipping off of the screen.
    As you can see, very difficult to click on which leads to a bad user experience.
  • Formatting and contrast. In the following image, the text is not formatted properly and I personally find the red + black combo hurts my eyes and is difficult to read (black on red doesn’t contrast well).
  • The UI feels rather static. All the UI elements “pop” out of no where. It would be worth while looking into using TweenService to create more dynamic UI, such as having the help interface slide in and out of the screen.

This is not to say that everything is bad. You are in the right direction, and I personally liked certain elements such as the original loading image, and the sweet spinning animation of the Roblox logo you have re-implemented.

I would highly recommend you refer to the following guide on how to improve the quality of your UI. It covers topics such as contrast, scaling, background images, 9-slicing, and more. Using it, you would be able to greatly improve the look & feel of your UI.

I like the border, it almost looks 3D haha. Honestly everything @VineyardVine mentioned is pretty accurate, Id want to see a more refined composition. Worry about aligning your text first! For continuity, your Ui should have pretty similar styling and arrangements - there’s not a lot of wiggle room there. Good luck and keep at it!

Looks messed up


^^ not aligned to the center

Ok, times to get serious now.
This, was my original idea, you copied it without my permission. I’m pretty disappointed.
VV original (mine)
VV my idea’s file

Your last update was at 18 of June, probably you saw my idea from somewhere and copied it without asking for permission.