Can someone please give me a Pre-Rigged r15 model?

I’ve been searching for a while now for a blender 15 model, my previous one just got wiped off my pc and I forgot where I got it from, Neither can i find it on youtube. and I can’t find any ones for free, And I’m not a rigger which makes it worse, Does anyone have a Pre-Rigged blender R15 model I can have for animation? I want to try blender animations,Thanks!

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You mean this?
Go to Plugins>RigBuilder>BuildRig and block rig R15.

You can try searching this on google… There are many youtube videos about this that include the rig in the descriptions.
Try actually searching before you post :crazy_face:

Noo for blender not roblox studio

You can import that rig. And that is a R15 character.

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Maybe try describing your problem with the rigs not working, not just saying “it doesnt work”

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Im not begging, im simply asking maybe you can get off this post and stop posting on a place where you seem like you hate on everything

I suggest you learn rigging if you haven’t yet, then make your own R15 rig. There are almost no R15 rigs. However, if you are lazy and don’t want to rig by your own, here goes one. I hope it works. (the link is in its description)

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Just use the “roblox blender rig importer/exporter” It makes the rig for you :smiley: