Can someone point out a few good animation tutorials for melee weapons?

So, I’m trying to animate a few of my weapons, but I can’t find any tutorials because the search function of the DevForum sucks.

Can someone point out some good tutorials for making Melee weapon animations?

It could be youtube tutorials or devforum tutorials.

That would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

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How to animate Tool Parts (Guns, Knifes etc.) i once followed this and it was pretty helpful, another resource for animation i found very useful is


Thanks! Are there any Animation YouTube Tutorials that you could point out?

i believe that what you are looking for is mainly a way to attach the weapon to the arm or something because i think that then you need the skill to make a good animation but in that case i once found this tutorial FE Melee Kit Tutorial - How to make Motor6D Melee - YouTube

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Thanks alot! I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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