Can there be limits on DD on updates?

I have noticed that every-time a big update is coming soon or already released without notice, some people like to go to #development-discussion to either rant or praise the update. This is a waste of potential and there should be limits to talking about updates in DD.

Edit: And again, why does every voice chat topic in DD get 100+ replies?

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I’m not sure how they would implement this though. The trusty flag feature will always work. :slight_smile:

aw thx :blush:

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At large scale? No. The voice chat topic got over 250 replies in 1-2 hours, everyone just being immature and speculating.

nooo not directed to you


These topics are usually already against the rules since most of them:

  • Often have nothing to do with development.
  • Cover updates which already have their own topic in #updates:announcements.
  • Have already been made, and are therefore duplicates.

For this reason all we can do is flag, but DD is growing increasingly irritating - especially when I count 12 separate topics asking for peoples’ opinions on the new Studio logo despite there already being an announcement thread.


Some updates are released silently, no announcement.

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I don’t understand why Roblox should make an enitre filtering system for the forum when the flag feature works perfectly. If you see any threads like this, or anything you think shouldn’t belong on the forum, just give it a flag and move on.

Then if they are related to development, they should have one discussion topic.

Regardless, I’m quickly losing hope for DD because it’s a giant mess.


There was a previous dicussion on locking DD to TL2 members and I feel it needs to happen now. Too many topics about the same thing (Voicechat) are being posted when instead people can just reply. It’s causing serious clutter at this point, attracting lots of unhelpful replies and I even had to flag one innocent topic only because 99% of the replies on it were spam or irrelevant with a comment to say so.

Whilst I understand the flag feature exists, it takes time for DET to deal the appropriate action to these topics and in the meanwhile we have to deal with this spam or clutter. Both of @SoupSalamanca replies are simply what you have to do if an update comes out, reply on the announcement topic or reply on the 1st DD topic that mentions said update if no announcement thread was made - there is no need for >5 topics discussing the same irrelevant thing just because a rumour about it started.


I think it would be best to just lock #development-discussion for everyone. Even though it’s my favorite category to use other than all the spam like posts or the ones without meaning. It would be best for the forums health.

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