Can Vector3's be reliably used as dictionary keys?

I already read this post, and I know that you can just use stringified Vector3s as keys in a dictionary.

I was messing around in Roblox Studio and I wanted to use Vector3s as keys in a dictionary, and even though I didn’t think it would work, I tested it out and lo and behold, it works?!?

Here is the code I ran to test Vector3s as dictionary keys:

local thing = {}

thing[, 2, 3)] = "yes"

print(thing[, 2, 3)])

This prints yes to the console.

My question is: how does this work, and is it reliable? It is my understanding that creates a new object, so Vector3s as dictionary keys isn’t very practical. My guess is that Roblox caches Vector3s or something…?

It seems I missed this in the Native Luau Vector3 post: