Can we please have higher resolution textures?

Here’s a 1024p texture on a tiny mesh:

Here’s the UV map. It could be layed out a bit better (I could probably gain about 3% resolution if I re-organize) but it’s still really rough.

Here’s what it looks like in first person when it’s used

It looks fine from the forum preview window but if you click to zoom in you’ll see that you can practically see every pixel from the texture as a fuzzy mess. It looks really low-quality :confused: If we could please have some way to upload 2048p pictures that would be very much appreciated as it would fix this issue entirely.

Some other uses for this:

  • Loading screen images
  • Character UV-maps
  • Terrain UV-maps
  • Larger sprite sheets

I would really like to see the max resolution bumped up.


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4k seems a little scary. I’d love it, but I don’t expect support for it anytime soon. 2048p seems like the sweet spot.

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I would like no know exactly what is stopping them from doing this. Is it server space/bandwidth, or something else? If so, this could be a premium feature for OBC users, or a new level of membership for developers. That would prevent roblox from having millions of random, huge photos being uploaded.


OBC only would be perfect since everyone who cashes out has it.

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Yes, and this feature is mainly for those devs.

What happened to making the development tools more accessible for all users? This is precisely the opposite.


This is something that doesn’t effect gameplay directly.

It’s a very nice thing to have considering how low res 1024p is, but a new developer will likely (in my opinion) not be dis courage by this if he doesn’t have OBC. It seems like a fair tradeoff.

I doubt it’d be storage space – ROBLOX can already store tons and tons of assets as it is, and I don’t think increasing the size of a few of them will present an issue. Even if it was, they’re already plenty capable of scaling up storage space – uploads continue to increase as ROBLOX’s userbase grows. The concern is probably performance, where developers would spam 2K textures all over their games because they looked nicer.


Also, I would imagine many mobile devices would start chugging with 2k textures getting thrown around. Or it might be a technical limitation. Regardless, I’d be interested in an official response. I wouldn’t mind having access to higher resolution textures.

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Roblox already runs at 25% resolution. I don’t imagine it’d be hard for them to downscaled for these devices.

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You’re right. They could probably serve lower resolution assets to mobile fairly easily. Knowing the engineers at Roblox, I don’t think there is a technical barrier they can’t tackle.


There is a looot of blank space on that UV map; while I’d like bigger textures, I don’t think the limit is preventing you from making that look nicer. Just gotta make the mapping use far less empty space.


The majority of the texture is taken up by an image that is designed to mirror on both sides. You can save half of that space by just mapping your UVs from both sides to the same tex coords


that wouldn’t really help in this case since that part of the texture already fills 1024 pixels from end to end. There’s no room to proportionately scale it up.


Also, if you try to make a UV map match the exact entire shape, you’re going to run into issues like these (especially with long objects). If I have a sword I’m not going to try and fit an image of a sword across the entire thing because it is a long object.

You should break up long models like this into pieces, such as stock, barrel, receiver, etc.
Like @Polyhex mentioned, there is a ton of unused space in that image. If you counted all the used vs unused pixels it looks as if it would be around 50% if not more.


Quick tip, if both sides are mirrored you should tell your uv mapper to flip one side so it aligns with the other, that way you’ll save space and have the image be more crisp overall.

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