Can you achieve filtering for plugins?

Hello there, I am currently making plugins which require messages filtering and I’ve seen some plugins which did that but here’s one question, as we know, filtering doesn’t work in Studio, even though there’s web API for it, but can I achieve filtering without the use of a proxy server (to the web API for filtering)?



Did you read the topic fully…? She said that filtering simply doesn’t work on studio (plus it requires a user id)

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Yes, there is infact an endpoint for filtering text. Now, the TextFilter API’s docs seemingly don’t load but luckily for you there’s an endpoint on the develop API which is supposed to filter game updates yet can be used for anything else.

Of course, a proxy such as will need to be used and you’ll need to authorise yourself through the auth API before using the endpoint.


Does that mean I have to ask the user to authorise?

No, that would require the plugin to ask for their password which is against ToU.

I would use your account to authorise however due to plugins being open-source you may want to setup your own server and endpoints so your password is protected there.

Glitch has a ready made Express.js example which can be deployed in seconds, take a look into it.

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